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Bottom Line Growth 

Increasing website traffic and brand awareness are great but what many marketers tend to focus solely on is top-line growth which doesn’t help to grow your business. We decrease marketing dollars and bring in actual paying customers.

Developing Partnerships 

Building trusted multi-year relationships are crucial to all of our success and that is why when working with me you will receive founder attention. I am committed to helping business owners strategize their marketing and sales funnel operations. 

Progress Meetings 

Every month we work together I will sit down with you either in person or conduct an online conference to discuss the scopes of our projects. We utilize comprehensive tracking and reporting software so you can easily grasp the detailed analysis of your project.

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Put Your SEO Marketing Campaign Into Action For FREE!

I know that headline is a bold statement but as you know people are constantly looking for your business on Google, Yahoo, and Bing every single month.

We have developed FREE custom made SEO strategy presentations for many businesses and we want you to be next.

Discover exactly what it is going to take for your business website to take full advantage of the FREE organic traffic your competitors are already utilizing. All you need to do is reach out to us and schedule an appointment.

The Truth About San Diego Search Engine Marketing

Finding an SEO Company in San Diego CA can be a demanding task. You can go with a big San Diego SEO Agency or settle for a freelancer who claims to be an expert in San Diego search engine marketing. As SEO consultants in the San Diego area, we understand your struggle when it comes to hiring someone to help you with your organic search engine positions.

Nevertheless, you value Google, Yahoo, and Bing for your San Diego business and can appreciate the volume of consumers who utilized the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Now I can sit here and write about how much better we are than most SEO marketers in San Diego but I would probably just be spinning my wheels so instead I would like to first introduce myself and add value into your life by educating you on search engine optimization.

David Galindo here founder of Visions Local Marketing and today I would like to go over a few things with you so you as a business owner have a better comprehension of what SEO is and how your business can benefit by having your website appear in the first pages of the organic search results.

What is San Diego search engine optimization?

SEO is an internet marketing tactic used to drive relevant traffic to your website by optimizing your site to show up for specific search terms people use to find services, products, or information. For the purposes of this write-up, we will use a real estate agent in San Diego.

Let’s say a person in San Diego was looking for a trusted realtor. They head over to their Mac computer or turn to their iPhone and type in the keyword “best San Diego Realtor”. The search engines will then dip into their massive database where they store billions of web documents and return the most relevant result to the user in lighting speed.

In this situation, the realtor in San Diego has been optimizing their website for the past five to six months for that exact search term “best San Diego Realtor”. And guess what? Their website happens to show up on the first pages of the results. The person who was searching clicks on the real estate agents website and contacts that realtor for a consultation.

For all of the hard work, this realtor has put into optimizing their website they are now reaping benefits of first-page positioning.

Can I do SEO on my own?

Learning search engine marketing is a very time-consuming process. It takes a person that is dedicated and is willing to invest in their SEO knowledge to actually be able to implement the strategies on their own website.

I have dedicated my career to learning and staying up to date on the latest tactics that are working and not working in today’s SEO world.

The search engine algorithms are constantly changing and updating. If you’re applying out of date SEO strategies or even worse hiring someone that is utilizing out of date techniques the results can be disastrous.

Google has been adamant about constantly updating their algorithm to create the best search engine in the world for the user and I must say they are doing a spectacular job. That being said Google and the other major search engines want the best websites for their results.

Their goal is to have the most trusted and most relevant information on the worldwide web to be displayed for the web browsers. Not spammy websites that are simply trying to sell and run advertisements.

To answer the question above of course you can do your own optimization but be prepared to spend countless hours of learning and putting forth the hard work necessary to see long-term results.

The type of businesses we do not work with:

  1. Adult industry
  2. Business owners that do not have a desire to grow

If you do not fall under these two categories we will be more than happy to sit down and discuss a strategy that will fit your companies budget and needs.

The Key techniques we use to help you grow

There are many strategies and ninja SEO tactics we use to help you grow your online presence but there are some key elements we utilize to soar over your competition in the SERPs.

Keyword research

After we have taken the time to discuss your business and we are aware of the type of consumer you want to attract we will begin discovering search terms your customers use to find you.

Keyword research involves revealing search terms that people are using to find the products or services you provide. The goal is for your business website to be right in front of the buyer when they are searching.

This activity is completed by using software that was designed to help us with this type of important market research.

Analyzing your competition

Some of your direct competitors in your market are most likely already utilizing SEO and are having great success with it. For this reason, we want to understand what is working for them and what is not. So it makes sense to spend a significant amount of time researching their SEO strategies and create a campaign for you that will perform even better.

Optimize your current website or develop one from scratch

Performing an initial website audit is a crucial step before we dive head first into your search marketing scheme. We will analyze everything from title tags to your images making sure your site is search engine friendly and more importantly web browser friendly.

Develop a backlink strategy

This is probably one of the most important duties in our job description and why you should be very careful when hiring an SEO agency in San Diego. With a solid backlink strategy implemented to your offsite optimization, your website will develop into a powerful and popular marketing machine.

Ongoing Management

Analyzing data and overall SEO growth is where a lot of search marketers go wrong. They don’t take the time to analyze website information to make necessary adjustments. That is just the opposite when it comes to our process.

We take all of the data we collect and use this to your advantage. This is an example of some of the data we analyze:

  1. Where your website traffic is coming from.
  2. Types of people who are engaging with your site.
  3. Keyword rankings
  4. The content and pages your visitors are most interested in.

This is just some of the different types of data we use to help you grow your business over the worldwide web.

Our Strong Suit

Learn how we can help your business gain relevant targeted traffic and convert that traffic into new paying customers. 

  • Take command of Google’s prime organic positions and get an edge in your market space.

  • The Google Advertising competition is fierce. Our cutting edge strategies will help your ad campaign maximize quality score and increase your ROI. 

  • Your brand needs to be present where your customer’s hang out and Facebook is where they go to socialize. With over 1 billion Facebook users our custom audience targeting ensures you are able to reach the right people at the right time.

We HELP Your Business Transcend

If your brand is lacking a strong online presence you may be struggling to consistently increase revenue. Through smarter digital marketing we can fill the holes that are holding you back.

“David showed demonstrated his value right from the get go. He grabbed my attention by sending me free leads before we even could discuss a deal. He then broke down my marketing and developed a strategy that made sense. Since working with David we have taken over limousine keywords for 3 California Central Coast cities and had to hire 2 new drivers.” 

Satisfied Client

Edgar Zacarias – Shining Star Limousines

“I have paid many sources out there for a lead generation and to help increase traffic to our website with little impact. David laid out a Facebook advertising strategy that has been bringing in leads month after month. Not only does his campaigns produce the results we were looking for he will educate you on the entire process if you’re willing to take the time to learn.”

Real Estate Brokerage Owner in San Diego CA

Abel A. Ramos III – A&A Realty 

“Before we started working with Visions our website was outdated and not bringing in leads like it’s supposed to. David took the time to really get to know our business and understand the type of customers we wanted to attract. All in all, we have had a great experience and learning more about digital marketing than ever before.”

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Sergio Olmos – Superior Roofing 

Are You Doing More Harm Than Good With Your Online Marketing?

Our approach is based on educating our clients on what it’s going to take to get them results. Every project is custom made to fit your business.