Expanding Your Online Presence

Being present when the consumer is actively searching for your product or service is more important than ever. We cover every spoke of the search engine marketing wheel which means more exposure for your business website.

Become An Industry Leader

Scaling your customer acquisition on a consistent basis can be difficult. Our approach has proven to grow businesses more than any other internet marketing strategy.

Grow Your Bottom Line

We understand that the number one priority in business is to increase revenue every year. Creating precise campaigns that will bring high-value customers and concentrating on your ROI is the focus.

Conversion Driven Campaigns

Increasing website traffic and brand awareness on Facebook is great but what many marketers tend to focus solely on is top-line growth which doesn't help to grow your business. We decrease marketing dollars and bring in actual paying customers.

Long Term Partnerships

Building solid relationships in the business world is crucial to all of our success and that is why when working with us you feel like we are your very own in-house marketing team. You will receive founder attention and this is what separates us from most internet marketing consultants.

Monthly Progress Meetings

Once every month we like to meet with our clients either in person or conduct an online conference. This way we're on the same page and you are never left out of the loop. SEO ranking reports will be available so you know we are making progress.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Before we started working with Visions our website was outdated and not bringing in leads like it's supposed to. David took the time to really get to know our business functions and the type of customers we wanted to attract. All in all, we have had a great experience and learning more about digital marketing than ever before."

Sergio Olmos
Sergio Olmos Owner Of Superior Roofing

David displayed his value before I ever invested one dollar into our campaign by sending us free leads through his Google first page rankings he established with another website he ranked prior to meeting us. Within 6-8 months David took over the first page of Google with our website.  Since then we have had to hire another chauffeur and were able to purchase a new stretch hummer from his efforts alone. David is the real deal and will educate you better than most marketers out there.

Edgar Zacarias
Edgar Zacarias Owner / Operator Of Shining Star Limousines

Primary Skills

Google Organic Search Top Positions
Google Local 3 Pack Maps Placement
Google Adwords Management
Facebook Advertising Management

The Truth About SEO

People in your city or marketplace are actively seeking for the exact same services or products you provide. Now ask yourself, what type of impact would it make on your business if you could laser target these people with your marketing? That’s exactly what internet marketing enables you to do. Getting in front of your ideal customer when they are inquiring about your type of business. No cold calls or ridiculous television Ads, just pure inbound smoking hot leads and customers.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What in the world is it? And why would I want to invest in something like this for my business? All great questions and please allow me to explain the benefits of the most misinterpreted marketing strategy of them all.

By definition, SEO is a procedure we implement to effectively gain more exposure to websites in the unpaid section of the search engine results pages. Ok, here it is in layman terms. It’s the process we use to get your website on the first page of Google and the other major search engines like Yahoo, or Bing.

So many strategies out there and a plethora of so-called experts. Look if a person hasn’t performed SEO and hasn’t gotten results for other businesses then we simply cannot call them experts. Not the case when it comes to Visions Local Marketing. That’s like hiring a fitness coach that hasn’t achieved results for themselves or anyone else. As a business owner, you have to be aware of the phonies just like in any other niche. What we would like to demonstrate is the Visions Local Marketing SEO process so you are a little more comfortable with us. Of course, a one on one meeting is ideal for us but this will do for the meantime.

How will my business benefit from SEO? 

Can SEO really help my business? How in the world do you know if you’re going to get a return on your SEO efforts? Every business owner should be asking questions like this. The reason we have so much confidence in our strategies is from past results. We would be delighted to meet with you and reveal the results we have achieved for current clients.

There are thousands of case studies to support the return you can see with a consistent and professional SEO effort. We encourage you to do some research on your own and uncover how SEO can benefit your type of business. Have there been negative experiences with an SEO campaign? Well, of course, unfortunately, there are always the scammers and dishonest people around to take advantage of misinformed business owners.

That is why we love to show off our case studies and meet face to face. We value in-person presentations because it gives us so much insight on our customers and enables us to learn more about what businesses really need. Investing 2 – 3 hours of our time is well worth it for us to see if our expertise is a good fit for your business goals around internet marketing. If you’re ready for that free consultation, all you have to do is contact us and we can make it happen.

Your competitors are reaping the benefits of the Google Platform

SEO is an ongoing process. That being said your competitors are investing in this lucrative marketing and branding strategy. What’s happening is every day that you are not investing into optimizing your website to show up in front of your consumers, the competition is being showcased on the first pages of the all the popular search engines raking in the benefits.

Make no mistake, your consumers are on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. I’m sure we can all agree on that. The question is: Why isn’t your business website an option for them to click on? Oh, that right. You’re still investing $500 a month into newspaper ads and bulk mail.

Well, good luck with that. The last time I searched for a service or product, I was sitting in bed with my laptop browsing websites and reading reviews. Jump on board with an SEO company that truly cares about your business objectives and can also deliver results.

Our SEO strategy explained in a nut shell

I’m sure we all can agree the Google is a valuable platform for businesses and of course Google know’s this as well. That is why a large percentage of businesses are paying to advertise on the search engine results page (SERP). Our goal with you is to not over complicate things and basically just produce results. That is why we outsource business task in the first place right? So to make things less confusing allow us briefly elaborate on our process.

1. Keyword Research

It all starts with text inside that box Google and the other search engines of the world present to us. From there the choice is yours. Some of us go the search engines for information, products, services, or to navigate to their favorite websites. Whatever the reason we use keywords or search terms and the search engines return the most relevant information possible back to us in lighting speed. Pretty amazing stuff.

2. Competitor Analysis

Understanding your competition’s strengths and weaknesses is a crucial step before we begin to build your SEO campaign. Every business industry is unique in its own way. When we send out our ninja spies to analyze the opposing sides they collect information you are going to love.

3. Evaluate your current website structure or create a user friendly tailor-made website for your business needs.

Evaluating the design and construction of your site will lay a solid foundation for us to build on. Remember, our job is to make your site powerful in every aspect. You wouldn’t invest in a property if you knew the foundation was weak and was built with flimsy material. The same goes with your website.

4. Building a strong & trusted back-link profile

You see, reaching that profitable first page of the search engines is very similar to a popularity contest in high school, or a presidential election. That being said, to win an election what is the most important piece you need in order to succeed? That’s right, votes, and not just any type of votes. You are going to want the most influential votes backing your campaign. Same thing applies to your website except we call these votes inbound links or back-links. By definition, an inbound link is an incoming hyperlink that points to your website.

5. Ongoing & consistent management

A lot of people that dive into SEO feel as if the job is complete after you have finished all of the on-site and off-site optimization. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Our approach to an SEO campaign is an ongoing process. This is why we embed Google analytics into your site and Google Webmaster tools. We want the ability to be able to see how your site is performing after it has reached top positions in the SERPs.

If you would like to learn more about what we have to offer and dig into this a lot deeper to see how all of this can be applied to your business we would love to hear from you. Either pick up the phone and dial or fill out a contact form.

A Professional Online Presence Is How Our Clients' Succeed

There is a demand for your type of business and the consumer is on their iPhones, Mac Computers, or Tablets searching for what your business provides. Is your company website present when they are looking to buy?

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