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Well here it is, the behind look at what makes Visions Local Marketing tick. It begins with me, David James Galindo founder of Visions Local Marketing. Born and raised in the valley heat of Bakersfield California. Dead smack in the middle of the Golden State. When I first started internet marketing I was immediately hooked, but through all the time of working on my craft, and paying 10s of thousands of dollars to the gurus for mentoring and coaching, I knew deep down in my soul I wanted to utilize the skills I have developed to make a difference in the world on a local level. I wanted to showcase my hard work and knowledge to the local businesses owners out there who have the same desire to grow just like I did.

My father, GOD rest his soul, was your average hard working blue collar American who loved his country. He pursued his dreams of one day operating a plumbing business he could call his own, and he made his dream become a reality. The big problem my father faced when he was in business, was struggling to get new customers on a consistent basis. His business venture would go through dry seasons because of the lack of leads, and consistent jobs he needed to profit and support the family.

While I was learning everything I could about internet marketing I thought to myself, what if a local business like my father owned had the ability to be able to put his business in front of the eyes of every person who was looking for his services? That’s when I started researching the local internet marketing scene. What I discovered was how many businesses on the local level were struggling with getting exposure on the web, and the amount of businesses who were not even utilizing the internet to market their business. Believe it or not, a large percentage of these businesses were still spending marketing dollars in the yellow page books. This really blew me away because I knew how valuable the internet could be for marketing purposes. As an expert in the field, I understood that there were people searching the internet locally on a daily basis for the services they needed.

I now had a vision and a purpose of creating a business that would generate a consistent flow of business through the world wide web. I knew I could help so many people with getting their businesses to thrive in their industry, through dominating local search engines by the skills, and knowledge that I have developed. We are proud to be able to open our doors to any local business in any area of the U.S. that has the ambition to increase leads and sales through expanding their online presence.

We know there are people looking for the services you provide. Why shouldn’t you be right there in front of their eyes when they’re searching? The thing I am most passionate about is working with other business owners that have the same drive to succeed that I possess. Like the great Napoleon Hill once said, “It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” Let’s partner together, and achieve greatness!