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Bottom Line Growth 

Increasing website traffic and brand awareness are great but what many marketers tend to focus solely on is top-line growth which doesn’t help to grow your business. We decrease marketing dollars and bring in actual paying customers.

Developing Partnerships 

Building trusted multi-year relationships are crucial to all of our success and that is why when working with me you will receive founder attention. I am committed to helping business owners strategize their marketing and sales funnel operations. 

Progress Meetings 

Every month we work together I will sit down with you either in person or conduct an online conference to discuss the scopes of our projects. We utilize comprehensive tracking and reporting software so you can easily grasp the detailed analysis of your project.

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Put Your Online Marketing Campaign Into Action For FREE!

I know that headline is a bold statement but as you know people are constantly looking for your business online every single month.

We have developed FREE custom made strategy presentations for many businesses and we want you to be next.

Discover exactly what it is going to take for your business website to take full advantage of the traffic your competitors are already utilizing. All you need to do is reach out to us and schedule an appointment.

If you’re a business owner doing research on Search Marketing and want to know if SEO is going to be a smart investment in the right place. I’m going to break down the SEO process and explain why you need to be very particular about who you work with. Search Engine Optimization is developing at lightning speed and you should examine your digital marketing strategy on a regular basis.

Firstly let’s briefly touch on what SEO is. SEO is an online marketing strategy that focuses on growing your an online presence naturally and organically (non-paid advertising) on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. There are many components to SEO from the text on your website to link building. The deeper you research goes the more you will find about ranking your website on popular search engines but we like to keep it simple here at Visions Local Marketing. Our proprietary system of helping business website show up for popular keywords flat out works.

It’s not all about building a website for search engines you will want to put time and effort into structuring a website that is user-friendly as well. Although it is important for your business to be present on major social media websites a BrightEdge study claims organic search is the dominant source of website traffic. Over 51% of all website traffic in the world comes from organic search traffic.

In consideration of the above, we will dive in and give you an idea of what makes up a good SEO campaign and how to choose an SEO company that fits your needs.

1)How Large Is Your Business?

SEO is not a one size fits all type of marketing strategy. I’m sure you would agree that if we used the same strategies for every client 9 out of 10 would fail at reaching their ideal customer. Visions Local Marketing has an excellent comprehension of this and that is why we apply a tailor made campaign for your specific niche and business. Additionally, we will have an in depth strategy meeting with you to get a good understanding of who your customer is and how they are searching for your services or products. With this in mind if you come across an SEO company that does not take the time to this crucial step and starts asking for a monthly installment before this is discussed you may want to about face and run the other way.

2) Identify Your Ideal Customer & Research Keywords

As soon as we understand who we are targeting now we can dig in and research the types of keywords your prospects are using to find services or products you provide. Keyword research is a process in which we use software like Long Tail Platinum to see what people are typing into Google to find businesses like yours.

3) Analyze Your Competitors

We’re not trying to re-invent the wheel here. There is a business already doing SEO well in your specific niche and city so at Visions Local Marketing we take the time to investigate and understand why the search loves their website and apply the strategies they used to get your website to the number one spot.

4) Providing Education

When you start working with an SEO Agency you want to be absolutely sure they are investing the time to educate you or your marketing staff on the entire process. You should feel like you can reach out during any business hours and ask questions or voice your concerns. Furthermore, you should be 100% clear on what is going on with your campaign and why certain tactics are being implemented.

5) Communication Is Key

This point goes both ways. Whether it’s the SEO company or yourself an open line of communication between the business and the SEO company plays a pivotal role in a successful SEO project. The reason for this is as an SEO agency we depend on our clients to respond back to us in a timely manner when we need material or verifications. At times we simply cannot move forward with a campaign if we do not get a decision or a certain document. There have been occasions when a business hires us and 2 weeks later we can’t get in touch with the owner or their staff making it very difficult to do our job and deliver the results we promised.

6) Developing Content and a Link Building Strategy

You may have heard the phrase “content is king” well we believe engaging content and links are even better. Depending on how competitive a niche is you will need to produce content and implement link building into your project on a consistent basis. If you hire an SEO company and they do not present you a plan of action to build out content and links you may have a problem. Links to your site are the trust and authority signals you send to search engines. Over 20% of Google’s algorithm is based on the links pointing to your website.

On balance with our topic you now have a guide to help you with researching for an SEO company. What it comes down to is if you’re not constantly investing in an SEO campaign your competitors are literally stealing customers from you on a daily basis because their website is present and yours is not. What does this mean for your business? In short, it means you’re losing money by not investing into a traffic source that will provide an immense ROI. Let’s face it the internet and our mobile phones have changed the way people get their news, find services, and connect with friends and family.

The question remains, how well is your business leveraging the internet? And are you still stuck on old out of date marketing strategies that were built for major corporations? Find out if Visions Local Marketing is a good fit for you today. Please contact us at (877) 361-4276

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Learn how we can help your business gain relevant targeted traffic and convert that traffic into new paying customers. 

  • Take command of Google’s prime organic positions and get an edge in your market space.

  • The Google Advertising competition is fierce. Our cutting edge strategies will help your ad campaign maximize quality score and increase your ROI. 

  • Your brand needs to be present where your customer’s hang out and Facebook is where they go to socialize. With over 1 billion Facebook users our custom audience targeting ensures you are able to reach the right people at the right time.

We HELP Your Business Transcend

If your brand is lacking a strong online presence you may be struggling to consistently increase revenue. Through smarter digital marketing we can fill the holes that are holding you back.

“David showed demonstrated his value right from the get go. He grabbed my attention by sending me free leads before we even could discuss a deal. He then broke down my marketing and developed a strategy that made sense. Since working with David we have taken over limousine keywords for 3 California Central Coast cities and had to hire 2 new drivers.” 

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“I have paid many sources out there for a lead generation and to help increase traffic to our website with little impact. David laid out a Facebook advertising strategy that has been bringing in leads month after month. Not only does his campaigns produce the results we were looking for he will educate you on the entire process if you’re willing to take the time to learn.”

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“Before we started working with Visions our website was outdated and not bringing in leads like it’s supposed to. David took the time to really get to know our business and understand the type of customers we wanted to attract. All in all, we have had a great experience and learning more about digital marketing than ever before.”

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Are You Doing More Harm Than Good With Your Online Marketing?

Our approach is based on educating our clients on what it’s going to take to get them results. Every project is custom made to fit your business.